We intend to work closely with families to enable them to determine if South Mountain Co-op is the right fit for their child, as well as to provide your child with the information they will need in order to make an informed choice about whether to enroll.Our process can be broken down into three easy steps:

    Learn about South Mountain Co-op.

  • If you’re here, you’ve already started! There’s plenty here to explore, but when you’re ready to move on…
  • Attend an open house or informational session
  • Attend a community potluck to meet staff, as well as present and future students and families

Call us at 973-327-3281 for info about upcoming open houses or informational sessions

     Submit an Application-2016-17  and call 973-327-3281 to make an appointment for your family consultation.


  • At your consultation you will meet with the committee to help both you and the co-op determine the good fit for your family. This is an opportunity for you to learn more about our school, just as we’re getting to know you, so feel free to bring lots of questions!
  • We find it’s helpful to most students for all involved parents and/or guardians (even if non-custodial) to attend the family consultation prior to enrollment.
  • Consultations take about an hour and are conducted during the week in the evenings.


  • If the co-op determines that we are a good fit you will be notified within a week of your consultation, and receive an enrollment packet including a contract and medical forms.
  • You will be given a deadline to submit your enrollment contract, make an initial deposit, and arrangements for payment of the remainder of tuition.

Welcome to our community of self-directed learners!!!