South Mountain Co-op’s WINTER Home-School Classes

Begin Monday January 9, 2017

Online registration begins November 21, 2016!    See class descriptions below.

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Home School Registation

Cooking/Baking class, Mondays 9:00-10:00 am, ages 6-up,  max. of 6 students per class 

10 weeks, $280

Cooking/Baking class: This is a hands-on project based class where participants will have an opportunity to delve into all aspects of food preparation. Washing, cutting, seasoning, cooking, baking. Each student is provided with their own workspace and kitchen utensils allowing them to be fully engaged in the entire process. Please notify us of food allergies prior to registration and we will make every effort to accommodate dietary restrictions in our recipes where possible.

Printmaking – Exploring Monotype, Thursdays 9:30-10:45 am, ages 6-up, max. of 6 students per class .

 10 weeks; $280 (materials included)

Printmaking – Exploring Monotype: Known as the most painterly method among the printmaking techniques, a monotype can essentially be called a printed painting. The main characteristic of this technique is that no two prints are alike; although images can be similar, making editions of prints is not possible because in this method images can only be made once. This class is designed to be 100% project based, and hands-on.  Students will work independently on numerous projects exploring a wide range of possibilities that this technique offers. Colorful acrylic paint, stencils, found objects, nature objects and more will be used to design and produce original artwork.  

Facilitator bio:

Agnieszka Golasik is an artist who works in a variety of visual mediums, but finds monotype to be one of her favorite. She holds a Masters in Historic Preservation from Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, Poland and won the prestigious ICOMOS Award for best master’s thesis on the restoration of historical monuments of Central-Eastern Europe.  She has conducted number of art workshops for children ages 4 and up. Besides creating art and teaching, she is the mother of two beautiful girls, Julia and Maja, she loves to cook and is long time Vipassana meditator.


Intro to Sexuality Education, Wednesdays , 1:00-1:50 pm, ages 11-up  

10 weeks; $250

Intro to Sexuality Education: This is a comprehensive sexuality education course. The class is an activities based course that incorporates discussion. We will cover topics such as puberty, reproduction, safer sex practices, relationships, communication, and decision making. This class will be for ages 11 and up  and will take an inclusive approach to sexuality, gender and sexual orientation.

Facilitator bio:
As a staff member at SMC Shana Ginsberg has facilitated a wide range of classes and activities including psychology, current events, hiking trips, and book clubs.  Shana received her masters in Health Promotion and Behavior with an emphasis on Adolescent Sexuality Issues from the University of Georgia and has worked in the field of youth development and sexuality education for over 15 years. Her experiences range from facilitating peer education programs to teaching health courses at high school and college levels. 

No Thank You Evil RPG, Mondays, 1:00-1:55 pm, ages 6-up

10 weeks; $100

No Thank You Evil: A tabletop role playing game of adventure and storytelling. In this meet up participants will create characters and set off on adventures where their imagination can take them down infinite paths as they overcome obstacles and solve problems. 

Facilitator bio:

Liliana Gomez facilitates woodworking and tinkering activities at SMC. She also teaches history and loves the story-telling customs of humans everywhere.  This is the first time she is facilitating a storytelling role playing game.