Sliding Scale Tuition and Financial Aid


South Mountain Co-op strives to be affordable to families of all income levels through our sliding scale tuition and financial aid programs. The median income of our enrolled families closely matches the median income in the surrounding area.

Financial aid is based on household income, individual circumstances, and financial need as assessed by a federal formula adapted to the region and applied by an independent agency.  We understand that every family’s situation is unique.

To qualify for sliding scale tuition families must submit their completed tax returns for the most recent year to the school, and file a financial assessment form with their application.

Please note that there is limited financial aid available, applications for the next academic year should be submitted by March 15 of the preceding school year to receive full consideration for financial aid needs. When submitting an application for admissions be sure to include the EZ form with last year’s tax returns in your application.

South Mountain Co-op, 99 South Fullerton Avenue, Montclair, NJ 07042