South Mountain Co-opSouth Mountain Co-op is seeking educators with experience mentoring and  supporting  self-directed learners within democratically run spaces. 

Horizontal Governance

Horizontal Governance

We are currently seeking an experienced educator to work 3-4 days a week at a small, K-12 democratic free school in Montclair, NJ for the 2017-2018 school year.  At SMC the learning environment is learner-led and students are free to choose how they spend their time and which activities they take part in.  We are looking for an experienced, enthusiastic, kind, creative educator to offer classes and activities for a wide range of ages and interests.
At South Mountain Co-op staff ensure that the day-to-day environment and operation of the school reflects the school’s educational philosophy; act as role models of successful adult behavior; facilitate student access to resources; and perform the administrative and maintenance tasks required to run the school and care for the school property. If you’re a educator who loves working with youth and wants the freedom to play, explore, and experiment in whatever directions the students’ questions and your own creativity take you — this is the opportunity for you!
Successful staff members honor the choices of students even if they would not make those choices, and they trust the school’s peer-based mediation and conflict resolution process to effectively resolve community conflicts.


Job duration : September 2017 -June 2018 , 3-4 days a week 8:30-3:15 


To apply, submit a cover letter that includes a statement on why you feel you’re a good fit for SMC, your current resume, and any additional information you think we should consider in evaluating you as a candidate. 

Required qualifications:

A clear understanding of the school’s educational philosophy (democratic education) and practices, and a strong commitment to them.

Experience teaching a wide range of learners and an interest in actively and joyfully engaging with young people in multiple ways.

Ability to model responsible, compassionate, and respectful behavior at all times.

Demonstrated passion and engagement with personal interests; continued striving for personal growth.

Reliability, punctuality, and the ability to work collaboratively or independently when the situation requires it.

Must be safety conscious and be committed to understanding and complying with all school agreements and policies.

Strong communication skills, including the ability to communicate with students of different age groups and developmental levels in a respectful, egalitarian, and non-patronizing manner, and interact effectively with people of all ages and backgrounds.

Strong self-management skills, including high levels of initiative, excellent time-management and efficiency, and the ability to effectively balance day-to-day operational responsibilities with availability to students

High level of computer literacy, including fluency with word processing, email, etc.

Ability to maintain confidential student and family data and to protect student privacy

Ability to pass mandatory background checks

To Apply: Submit a cover letter, current resume, three references,, and any additional information you think we should consider in evaluating you as a candidate. Strong applications will succinctly address the following questions:

a. What makes you a strong candidate for the position?
b. What assets/skills/knowledge would you bring to this position?
c. What are you most passionate about and what work are you currently engaged in.

 Please submit your resume and cover letter to by April 30, 2017 for full consideration.

We highly encourage individuals who identify as POC or LGBTQIA to apply.