What Parents are saying:

“It became apparent to us that our son was not going to be a good fit in a traditional school setting. He is bright and curious, but he also has a high energy level that is typical of young children but that today’s school environments don’t accommodate. “

“At South Mountain Co-op we have found a supportive environment where our son has the freedom to learn at his own pace, while being taught important real life lessons about respect for self and others.”

“At SMC educators acknowledge and validate children’s needs. “

plants“I am awed by the kids at South Mountain Co-op every time I volunteer. Just last week the kids decided to make a movie. They rallied everyone they could find, assigned tasks and entered into it with such joy and enthusiasm. Its that joy of discovery and learning that I see around the school that makes me know that this school was the right choice for us.”

“At SMC my child is beginning to truly find his own voice and stand in his own power through a combination of the choice available to him at the school and the encouragement to ‘just be himself’ from home.”

“The constant opportunities and requirements to mediate conflict and determine their own governance truly empowers children and youth to understand what they want and to learn to respect the needs of others.”

“In a short time at the school my child has developed a level of sophistication in their reasoning and communication that is unusual for a just turned 9 year old. I credit the multi-age interaction and heavy communication requirements of being in the school to this development.”

“At SMC, the staff creates a safe environment so that the students are able to express their feelings and thoughts, but also the support to see their own ideas come to fruition.”

“One of the most important things I learned from my experiences in conventional schooling is that if I wanted to be successful, if I wanted to take on and accomplish difficult challenges, I couldn’t be the kind of learner I was in school. I had to think more deeply and trust in the power of my own ideas, and I had to be considerably more self-directed. I don’t know of a more nurturing environment for this kind of learning than the one South Mountain Co-op provides for my children.”