Join us Friday February 10th from 6-9pm for a night of dance, food, competitions and prizes at our First Valentine’s Day Dance!

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Should you have any questions or desire further information, please feel free to email or call                                      South Mountain Co-op :  (973) 327-3281


South Mountain Co-op is a democratic learning center in Montclair NJ, serving students 5-18.  Three years ago this month we were hosting some of our first open houses for a school that didn’t yet exist.  You may have attended one of those open houses, or come to one of our community potlucks, or contacted us through our website.

     You were one of many families who were intrigued by SMC’s philosophy of self-directed learning, collaborative decision making, and compassion and respect for every member of the community no matter their age.  Were you also one of the families who weren’t quite ready to commit to a school that existed only in potentia?

If so, we invite you to take another look at SMC!

     In the years since those first open houses we’ve enrolled 60 students, seen our first graduate go on to higher education, gone on scores of field trips, run hundreds of classes, played thousands of board games.  Our students have presented at NADEC (a conference of democratic schools), have designed a tabletop game that is currently in beta-testing, have started several businesses, have written and performed their own plays.
     Some of our most popular classes have included Music, Greek Mythology, Hands-on Science, Mythbusters Club, Jewelry-making, Woodworking, Documentary Discussion, Cooking, Good Times Math Club, Psychology, Literature, Fierce Women in History, Game Design, Neuroscience, Independent Research and Public Speaking, Current Events, Philosophy, Drama, and ASL.
     Some of our most popular non-class activities have included working with Tinkercrates, building a V8 Engine, building with Legos, building with Minecraft, playing Werewolf, making lots and lots and lots of art, playing dress up,  building forts, playing Gaga, reading, having open mics, sewing, going to the park, and teaching each other to juggle, skateboard, and compose music.

We hope to see you soon!

We are currently accepting applications for our 2016-2017 academic year.Applications should be mailed to:South Mountain Co-op99 S.Fullerton Ave,  Montclair, NJ 07042

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